ATTENTION! This Wiki has been abandoned!

I will not be using this Wiki anymore about my friends' and my OCs! I will provide a link to the new Wiki once I create it!

Welcome to the Michi, Summer, and Arisa's Original Characters Wiki

The wiki is for reference of vocaloidandlegolover (Michi), summericey (Summer), and blackendedsight's (Arisa's) original characters. We don't have the best images for everyone (or all to be in fact), but you are free to look. This wasn't created to boast about the original characters.

The Point of this Wiki

I am vocaloidandlegolover (aka Michi Diva) and I decided to create this for fun. The images of the main originals characters will probably be made from MikuMikuDance (MMD) because that is how I started creating original characters and met Summer and Arisa on the way. Enjoy!

Latest activity

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