Koi Uyoku
Koi Uyoku
Full Name Koi Uyoku
Age 18
Gender Male
Species Half-Human, Half-Angel
Nationality Japanese American
Sexuality Heterosexual
Family Kashikoi Uyoku (brother), Yūki Uyoku (sister)
Physical Appearance
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Brown
 Koi Uyoku is an Angel of Protection. Even through his dark past, he was chosen out of a small group of humans to become an Angel of Protection. He is the boyfriend of Summer Dokutatsuya.

Early LifeEdit

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Teenage Years and Current LifeEdit

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Koi's design was created by Vocaloidandlegolover (the same person who created his character). Koi's design is pretty plain and not complex. Koi prefers clothes that are easy to move around in (and also easy to save lives whenever needed).

Koi Uyoku (Emergency)

Koi in his "Emergency Mode."

If Koi needs to use his angelic powers out of the blue, a tattoo (which is the symbol of the Angels of Protection) appears on his left shoulder and he grows his Angel wings. He calls this his "Emergency Mode." He can whipe the memories of normal humans if needed so his identety isn't revealed.
Koi's Tattoo

Koi's Angel tattoo.

Koi also has his Angel form. This design consists of a translucent, white vest (that sparkles in the sunlight), white pants (that also sparkle in the sunlight), white shoes, and of course his Angel tattoo and Angel wings. This form brings out his full on abilities to be more used against full-fledged enemies while his "Emergency Mode" only has the abilities of saving someone from getting seriously injured and/or killed when their time has not come.

Koi Uyoku (Angel)

Koi's "Angel form."

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